Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes under $100

basket shoes under 100 dollars for outdoor court

An outdoor basketball game is quite different from indoor basketball. Outdoor basketball is played on an asphalt or concrete surface. Therefore, for such kinds of hard surfaces, you need basketball shoes that are durable, comfortable, and affordable at the same time. We have researched some of the top-performing shoe brands in the market to help you select the best outdoor basketball shoes under $100.

It is quite difficult for someone to pick the best product out of hundreds. On top of that, every product has hundreds of individual reviews different from one another.

So we have already done the hard part for you. All you need is to choose the pair that fits your needs.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes under $100

So we went through tons of reviews and positive feedbacks before selecting the best pair of cheap basketball shoes. Many online brands claim to sell high-quality basketball shoes under the $100 tag, but that’s not true.

You may get them for a low price but without quality. To find a pair of shoes with a low price tag and high quality, you have to spend time doing research. This is what we have done for you, all you need is to “Select & Go”

1. Nike Men’s Air -Nike Shoes for Outdoor Basketball

best cushion outdoor basketball shoes

If you are on a tight budget and looking for durable basketball shoes, here it is. You might be thinking, why do we list a top-performing shoe brand on our list of low-budget basketball shoes? Well, this is the most important thing that people miss out on when searching for shoes with a lower price tag.

So basically, you skip the essential part of product selection at this point by skipping these famous brands.

Nike Men’s Air Versatile combines comfort and affordability in one spot. It is priced at around $75, which is something anyone can afford out there.

Nike Men’s Air feels light, comfortable, and fits perfectly in different types of feet. Therefore, it is quite evident that these shoes are perfect for outdoor play. However, comfortability alone cannot decide on the performance of basketball shoes.

Men’s Air Versatile is crafted with synthetic leather, which means longer life when compared to other similar brands. On top of that, it has an upper mesh breathable that gives enough breathing space to your feet. The midsole on Nike Men’s Air is made up of phylon for extra stability while playing.

At the bottom, it has a rubber sole that gives excellent traction. On top of all, Nike Men’s Air Versatile features integrated webbing to provide additional support to your feet. The Air-Sole cushions the heel providing comfortable play on the outdoor basketball court.

2. Dame 3 by Adidas -Affordable Basketball Shoes for Guards

best affordable basketball outdoor shoes under 100 Dollar

The second outdoor basketball shoes on our list come from Adidas. Dame 3 is a winner when it comes to fit and comfortability. The thing we loved the most about this basketball shoe is how light it feels on your feet. It is an excellent pair of shoes for bounce and quick moves on the outdoor basketball court.

We found it more versatile and speedy as compared to Nike Men’s Air. For basketball, you need a shoe that fits perfectly in your feet. We bet this pair of basketball shoes will meet all your expectations under a $100 tag. On top of that, it is available in multiple color schemes.

Dame 3 is more versatile. It has ended up with a lacing system to adjust the shoes according to your level of comfortability. It offers excellent traction on outdoor courts. Engineered from Techfit, Dame 3 is manufactured with precision to meet all requirements of outdoor basketball play.

It provides a decent bounce, thanks to the high-durable rubber sole at the bottom. Furthermore, the 3.69 -inches shaft on these shoes gives more breathing space to your feet for long play.

We loved the idea of four different flex zones on Dame 3 for extra stability and movement. Lastly, there are padded collars to provide extra comfort to your feet if you wear them all day long.

3. Men’s Pro Bounce by Addidas – Low Cut Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Basketball Outdoor Shoes under $100 for cuts and wide feet

Pro Bounce, as it is named, delivers unbeatable performance when it comes to outdoor basketball play. Whether it is about speed, bounce, toughness, or durability, Pro Bounce got your back. Pro Bounce from Adidas can be regarded as mid-level performing shoes.

For under $100, we don’t think that you will find any better performing outdoor basketball shoes in the market. Though it is not a top-performer, it still stands out to other brands with similar price tags.

It feels light and comfortable on the feet. Pro Bounce comes in a high-top profile to provide extra support to your ankle while playing basketball. We will suggest these basketball shoes to people with big or wide feet.

The sole rubber sole with deep grooves acts as a shock absorbent while making sharp moves on the basketball court. In addition to this, the rubber sole provides excellent traction on both indoor and outdoor courts.

One of the noticeable features is the advanced Cushion technology. It offers comfort to your heels while making bounces, jumps, and impact shots on the basketball court.

A new pair of shoes might feel a bit tight for the first time you wear them. However, Pro Bounce has very little break-in time. Just a morning walk in these shoes will overcome this problem.

Things to Consider While Buying Best Affordable Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Before you get out and hop in your new shoes, always consider these factors in mind before you make a purchase


Everyone wants a pair of shoes that feel comfortable right out of the box. However, many shoes feel a bit tight on the first use. So it is wise to look out for shoes that break in easily.


Comfortability is a crucial factor to consider when you lookout for a new pair of shoes. Comfortability matters a lot when you are looking out for basketball shoes for wide feet.


The sole of a basketball shoe is responsible for holding most of the impact while playing on hard floors. Make sure the sole is made up of synthetic rubber to absorb shock. Many shock-absorbing basketball shoes are equipped with durable quality rubber.


Reliability is something we prefer when buying cheap shoes for basketball. Purchasing inexpensive footwear does not mean looking out for cheap quality. You have to find shoes that have a lower price tag and significant performance. Go with branded shoes as they do not compromise on the quality.


One of the foremost factors to consider while buying shoes is material. It is essential to look out for basketball shoes made up of breathable mesh or leather. It gives extra room to your feet and prevents sweating.


It is wise to spend money on durable shoes. You don’t want them to rip off in the middle of your first game. It is good to buy shoes that come with a guarantee of at least one year.


Always grab those shoes for outdoor basketball that fit you well. Make sure you feel comfortable in them while you play. Again, if you have wide feet, then you need shoes with a broad forefront.


Basketball shoes are available in different styles. However, it is good to prefer comfortability over style. There are many shoes in the market that combine style and comfort in one spot.

Final Words

Finally, there are hundreds of outdoor basketball shoes with a price tag under $100. Finding the one that suits your needs is up to you. Always read the reviews and make a selection. From our side, Pro Bounce from Adidas is the winner. It is comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

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