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Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Kids Tested [2022]

If you are deciding to buy the perfect climbing shoes for kids, then we have researched some top picks for you in this guide. Rock climbing shoes for kids are different from professional climbing shoes.

To find the right pair for your little one, we interviewed some families who have tested these picks on gym walls and nearby trad climbs. All of these pairs are comfortable and safe for your kids to climb those rocks and walls.

Best Rock Climbing Models for Kids

Here are the top shoes to consider if your kid has just started climbing:

Evolv Ashima – High Performance Rocking Climbing Shoes

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for kids

Best Suited for Steep Climbs, Crackings

Do you know Ashima Shiraishi? Well, She is an American rock climber who has been climbing from the age of six. She is one of the World’s youngest climbers to win many rock climbing competitions. Evolv Ashima has been associated with her name.

It is a Downturned lace-up Shoe with exceptional performance in rock climbing. The overall profile of Evolv Ashima is symmetric; this keeps your foot in natural positions while doing steep climbs.

Ashima has an Arch Wind Midsole with VTR to provide extra durability and performance. It has a 4.2mm Trax rubber that gives extended life while maintaining sensitivity. With all these features, Evolv Ashima provides an excellent grip on rough terrains and edges.

We highly recommend these shoes to little climbers out there. They are great on tough climbs and excel on steep rocks. One of the Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Kids for an adventurous climb.

  • Great for Steep and Hard Climbs
  • Cracking
  • Lacks comfortability if worn all day

La Sportiva Stickit – Best Kids Climbing Shoes on a low budget

best kids climbing shoes on low budget

La Sportiva is one of the most famous brands to manufacture bouldering shoes on a low budget. Stickit combines performance and comfort at a low budget. Though this shoe will not provide ultimate performance like Evolv Ashima. But still, it holds great value for the money. It is highly recommended for casual or beginners who have just started to climb.

Stickit provides excellent grip to little feet without being too technical or tight. Its simple and comfortable design boosts confidence in kids to advance to higher levels. Stickit is easy to lace-up and highly adjustable for kids of all ages. The unlined leather gives great breathing space to the little feet, and this makes them super comfortable to wear all day long.

It has a grippy rubber sole, good enough to climb gyms walls and nearby bouldering terrains. On top of that, it has a pointed tip which makes it perfect for cracks.

  • Best for Beginners
  • Low budget
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear on and off
  • Grippy sole
  • Not meant for tough climbs

La Sportiva Maverink – Best Climbing Shoes for Experienced Kids

Climbing shoes for advanced kids

It’s time to take climbing to a more advanced level with La Sportiva Maverink. This is the best option for kids and women who want comfortable climbing shoes with all features. Thanks to the P3 platform that solves all the climbing problems by maintaining a downturned look but with less tension.

La Sportiva Maverink comes with No-Edge Technology that provides more sensitivity and exceptional performance. It keeps your feet closer to the rocks which result in peak performance on tough climbs.

The rubber and leather heel pocket gives extra durability to the shoes and supports heel hooking. If your kid wants to move to the next level of climbing, then go for Maverink. However, it might take some time for your kid to feel comfortable wearing these shoes.

  • P3 Technology for Overhangs
  • No-Edge Technology
  • Comfortable
  • Best for Tough Climbs
  • Build to last longer
  • It takes time to get used to them

Black Diamond Momentum– Comfortable Beginner Kids Climbing Shoes

kids climbing shoes with excellent grip

Momentum is a new brand in the World of climbing. We love these shoes because of their style and performance. Momentum is a shoe best suited for vertical rocks because of its flat profile. It is super comfortable to wear all day long. With a 4.3 mm rubber, you may expect these shoes to last longer as long as you practice climbing. The thick and molded rubber also adds durability and consistency.

Black diamond has introduced its very own Knit technology that gives breathing space and comfort to feet. It has a microfabric midsole for great sensitivity. Momentum comes with a velcro strap; this allows your little one to adjust the shoes according to their size and level of comfort.

We recommend Momentum climbing shoes to the kids who are more into gym or bouldering sessions. Not recommended for tough climbs.

  • Stylish and Comfortable
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Knit Technology
  • Microfabirc Mid Sole for Sensitivity
  • 4.3mm Thick Rubber
  • A bit narrow on toes

La Sportiva Gripit – Most Easy to Wear Climbing Kid Shoes

La sportiva climbing shoes for kids

La Sportiva Gripit is the most advanced shoe for new climbers. It is designed keeping in mind the comfort that most beginners desperately need when they start climbing. Unlike many climbing shoes that have a tight toe area, Gripit gives more room to your toes. It is rounded on the toes, which gives some breathing space to your toes. Gript is highly recommended for young climbers with growing feet.

Gripit is blessed with No-Edge technology that gives exceptional sensitivity to your toes when you hook on rocks. Though Gripit is wrapped with nice specs, it does not mean it is a top performer. When we said it is meant for beginners, it means it is limited up to that level. Your little one will love to learn climbing lessons without any discomfort.

  • Most Comfortable and Relaxing
  • No-Edge Technology
  • Best suited for gym and bouldering classes
  • Not an advance level climbing pair

How we researched these products?

First of all, we outreached parents and families who have bought climbing shoes for their kids. We asked them about the brands they trust the most. As you know that brands like La Sportiva and Evolv are the best in the industry, so many of them had voted for them.

Online e-commerce stores have always been a part of our research. We searched for rock climbing shoes for kids in e-commerce stores.

We found that the shoes that were mentioned by the parents while outreaching them were similar to the results we saw on the websites. Here we followed the feedback given by potential customers who bought those shoes.


Finally, we selected the five best boots that got most of the votes and positive feedbacks. So, we highlight the pros and cons of the products so that you save your time while deciding to buy them. Many manufacturers are making climbing shoes for kids nowadays.

Therefore, there are more chances for you to buy the best ones for your kid. Before you buy, it is essential to know about the purpose for which you are buying these shoes. If your little one is a new climber, you don’t want to spend on advanced-level shoes. Finally, it is wise to consider shoes that offer maximum comfort to those tiny feet.


What are the best shoes for Rock Climbing?

Some of the best shoes for Rock Climbing are from the following brands

  • La Sportiva
  • Evolv

How do I choose Rock Climbing Shoes?

Whenever you are choosing rock climbing shoes for kids, make sure they are comfortable. If you are choosing shoes for beginners, make sure they are durable enough to last the learning period. On top of that, make sure that they fit your size. The size of rock climbing shoes is different from your casual street shoes.

How tight climbing shoes should be?

Your shoes should be tight at the heels area. However, if you are a beginner, make sure that they are not too close. Wear your boots and try walking in them, if you feel a lot of room in your heel area, then your shoes are not tight. It may lead to difficulties while you are climbing.

Do you wear socks with rock climbing shoes?

Yes, you can wear tight socks if you want. Wearing socks will help you in getting more sensitivity if you are a beginner.

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